Payment Methods


In recent years, the electronic payment system has seen exponential growth as a result of the popularity of the internet for online purchasing.

As the world continues to progress in terms of technological advancement, it is obvious that all online companies must have a dependable payment provider that can give a number of payment alternatives to fulfill customer demands. We are always working to provide our consumers with every payment method available on the market, no matter where they are in the world.


Finateco is a company that specializes in offering payment card solutions to customers all over the globe. Visa and MasterCard are among the card brands accepted, with other card brands such as American Express, JCB, and Diners Club available upon request and subject to approval by the acquiring bank.

These cards are also available in a wide range of countries, as we make every effort to minimize country limitations to a basic minimum. Almost all internet businesses can take advantage of this with the least amount of paperwork and feasible in the shortest amount of time.


Customers should be able to pay using a different payment method since this increases the volume and reach of a business. At Finateco, we highlight the importance of having these APMs in place in order to provide companies with the opportunity to expand their area while increasing overall their revenue.

Alternative payment methods are increasing in popularity as more and more people choose to pay in their own currency rather than utilizing international credit cards or bank transfers to make purchases. We specialize in providing various payment methods to our consumers, and all of our transactions are subject to bank approval.

Each country has its own payment system, which is often unique. It is vital for companies to comply with local laws to take advantage of this payment method. This includes

We assist your clients in using these services, provided their companies are in accordance with local rules and regulations and if the acquiring bank has approved the service request.